Why Invest?

Your photography will be one of the most important investments you make. Choose it wisely, you NEED to be picky when choosing your photographer. Don't settle. This is an art. This is a passion. This is something that will last you forever, you need the best.

We've heard "My family/friends have nice camera, why should we pay that amount for a professional when anyone can take a picture." Sure, anyone can take a picture but they can't give you the quality, the story behind the picture and that's what we do. We have the talent, we have the experience to give you those photos that tell your story, that are your reminders of how you felt for one another and the love and emotion on everyones face as your love story unfolds. We are your memories!

Just like you, spending countless hours planning your wedding, we spend countless hours on your wedding. From the time we meet until the time we deliver your images, we are constantly working on YOU!