50mm 1.2- What can I say, this lens in my baby. I love her like I love chocolate ship cookies (and that's a lot!) Although we have purchased this lens together, I DO NOT share. She is all mine! I can use this lens for anything and with its wide aperture, it's great for any lighting situation. It rarely comes off my camera.
85mm 1.2- This is Melissa's "hunk" lens. He is a big-daddy lens, weighing in at about two pounds. Could she live without him? No! This lens produces some of the pretties portraits ever and it's also great for those low light ceremonies.
100mm- Is our Macro Lens, super sharp for close detailed shots. We have also used it for ceremonies and does a wonderful job!
16-35mm- This is our wide angle lens, and it's getting used all the time; ceremonies, large bridal parties.
24mm- What an ultra wide lens. Perfect for small tight places. It's an amazing lens and produces sharp images.
24-105mm- We use this occasionally. Great for little places and if were not able to move around a whole lot.
8-15mm- Hello Fisheye!! This is such a fun lens. it creates a wide panoramic image, it gives the image a characteristic non- rectilinear appearance.
We are Cannon girls! We both shoot with a Canon 6D + backups :) Our L-series Lenses, they are top of the line for wedding photography. You will only see us with that little red ring. We plan on buying a few more in the future, however we love the line up we have now! Are they not beautiful?!!

What's in the Bag?!