I'm an extremely happy person, who always gets excited easily and it's kind of hard to turn off- haha. I also think everything needs explanation marks!! I love the color yellow, its happy and bright (just like me! lol) Yellow and teal together is so cute and teal has lined its way up right behind yellow.
One more thing.... I couldn't have asked for a better photography partner & sister-in-law, we are like best of friends! We have a blast doing this job together or anything for that matter. We're always laughing, having fun, singing in the car, grabbing some teas and hitting up Mexican Restaurants!
I am also pretty completive and thrive on competition! I'm just a very hands on person who loves working and helping others.
Anything antique or vintage- count me in!! I love this kind of stuff, fixing it, painting it, and refurbishing- I just love it all. This is such a HUGE hobby of mine that I absolutely LOVE!
I love singing in the car... and I mean I LOVE IT! Sometimes people drive by staring or laughing because I can really get into it. hahaha! That, or I'm just a horrible driver (atleast that's what Brittany tells me, and other clients who have followed behind me- another fun story for blogging one day) mainly because I'm in my own little world all the time.
Helllooo!! I'm Melissa! A mother of two amazing boys- Tye & Bentley :) They are my love and joy! They're both very happy and energetic little boys, who love learning, being outside, playing ball and just running around like crazy. Justin is my husband, he is a goof- but most of all my best friend, support team and partner in crime- HA!! We always knew we were meant to be together. It was love at first sight... or fate- I have a story behind how I knew we were meant to be together, but maybe I'll just put that  in a blog one day ;) To sum it up, God answered me very clear that night. Weird how things work out! Two years later we eloped and never looked back! We both were very young, I was 19 and Justin was 18 but when you know you know. God has truly blessed me with a wonderful husband and two fantastic boys! God is so good!!